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העמותה למען ילדים במצוקה בחיפה ובצפון הוקמה בשנת 2000 ע”י קבוצת מתנדבות על מנת לסייע לילדים מרקע סוציו-אקונומי נמוך, שצרכיהם הבסיסיים במישור התזונתי, חינוכי, בריאותי, חברתי או רגשי אינם מקבלים מענה הולם.

העמותה שמה לה למטרה לשפר את איכות חייהם של ילדים נזקקים, ללא הבדל גזע, דת ולאום, ולאפשר להם להשתלב בחיי הקהילה.

כל פעולותיה של העמותה נעשות אך ורק בהתנדבות, לרבות הניהול, הפיקוח הכספי והביקורת החשבונאית,  כך שכל התרומות מועברות במלואן לילדים נזקקים ללא עלויות שכר או ניכוי הוצאות כלשהן.

Our Amutah (association) is a nonprofit organization working in the Haifa area for over 24 years. All the members, including our admins and financial staff are all volunteers. We are proud that all our work is performed with no overhead cost, so that 100% of the donations made to the Amutah are used directly to assist children.


Our goal is to provide basic needs in order to improve the quality of life of children in need, regardless of citizenship or religion.  We are well known to local governments and their welfare and education departments, as well as to schools, kindergarten and institutions who serve children with special needs. Their social workers approach us with specific assistance requests such as dental care, eyeglasses, winter clothes, shoes, school supplies and help with school tasks, or providing materials to children who are speaking impaired.

We also underwrite the cost of summer camp for families who cannot afford the fees and who would not be able to work if the children had to stay at home, and we help to finance uncovered but necessary therapeutic needs such as special medication or medical devices.


Some of our successful projects include:

  • Establishing a dental clinic for the residents of Neve Ram, a residential institution that serves children with special needs.

  • Creating a playground for children living with their mothers in a home for battered women.

  • Renovation of youth centers in low-income neighborhoods.

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